It took me a lot to accept that not many will understand me. I have made peace with the fact I am very poor in a lot of things. Including trying to make people understand me. I found myself explaining to people who I am or how I want to be perceived or treated more than I even listened to my own self. I reached a point where I accepted I AM NOT FOR EVERYONE to understand. I know I have my flaws. HUGE ones. Made gravely mistakes too – and that is who I am I know I deserve the a lot I have gone through or going through. BUT, one thing I am done with is explaining myself. I am done with seeking that validation. I am done with giving my energy to where it doesn’t make sense.

“YOU doubted me – YOU called me names – YOU walked away from me when I needed support the most – YOU only would be around to remind me of my mistakes… I accepted I am a mess! BUT it’s who I am. I am Ahmad. Ahmad Salim. A man with a vision, a human who makes mistakes just like any one of you. And I am a proud dad!”

The best thing was to keep things personal, PERSONAL. And, I see progress by focusing my energy to the right places. I will continue to cheer, support and pray for those who have always meant a lot to me. It’s for me. NOT anyone else. And, I don’t need them to even know that I do pray for them.

Keep grinding.